The Benefits of Great Streets

Stronger Local Economies

  • Shoppers are walkers: improved pedestrian life supports local businesses and jobs.
  • Street investments enhance real estate values and increase the tax base.

A Sense of Community

  • Great streets create emblematic places that define communities.
  • Sidewalks serve as public venues shared by people of the diverse ethnicities and ages.
  • Vibrant streets encourage local pride and volunteerism.

Improved Safety and Security

  • Making neighborhoods safer for pedestrians and bicyclists saves lives.
  • More “eyes on the street” reduce actual crime and increase residents’s sense of security.

Better Access for All

  • Reduced emphasis on cars and parking makes transit, walking, and biking more viable options.
  • Walkable streets are comfortable public settings for people of diverse abilities.
  • Community assets, jobs, and services become more accessible.

Healthier Cities

  • Increased walking brings significant health benefits.
  • Fewer cars on the road and less congestion reduces pollution.
  • Streets as public venues combat isolation and depression.

Wise Development

  • Investing in streets makes efficient use of existing infrastructure.
  • Increased foot traffic attracts new development and businesses.
  • Success fosters ongoing investment.

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