Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

New York City deserves great streets. Let’s develop a vision together. Here are some immediate actions we can all take:

Concerned Citizens

  1. Join your local block or neighborhood association and sign up as a supporter of the Streets Renaissance Campaign. To check on happenings in your community go to Gotham Gazette.
  2. Write a letter to Deputy Mayor Robert C. Lieber:
    Robert C. Lieber
    Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Finance
    City Hall
    New York, NY 10007
    Fax: 212.788.2460
  3. Get involved with your local Community Board at NYC.gov’s Community Assistance Unit and Gotham Gazette.
  4. Call 311 to report problems on your street.
  5. Throw a block party and close your street for an afternoon. Find out about temporary street closures for block parties and other events from the Block Party NYC website.

Business Leaders

  1. Get involved with your Business Improvement District, local Chamber of Commerce or Merchants Association and push for pedestrian-oriented streetscape improvements.
  2. Contact Deputy Mayor Robert C. Lieber and Small Business Services to ask for market-rate curbside parking fees.
  3. Work with local businesses to sponsor temporary or short-term improvements, such as adding amenities or hosting a street fair as a way of giving shoppers a taste of how pleasant the streets could be everyday.
  4. Contact the Streets Renaissance Campaign the Streets Renaissance Campaign team.

Elected Officials

  1. Support proposed City Council legislation that changes how transportation and street performance is measured.
  2. Fund pedestrian-oriented street improvements.
  3. Learn from domestic and international efforts that enhance pedestrian conditions and create lively streets.
  4. Schedule a meeting with the Streets Renaissance Campaign team.

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